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Thursday Doors Writing Challenge.


Little Doors


Dan at has a marvellous writing challenge for us. All centred around his Thursday Doors posts. While I rarely participate in challenges, I do love to see what others do. But this time I was intrigued. The image I am contributing is one of fancy. I won’t say anything more because I don’t want to sway anyone one way or another. I hope many people get involved with this challenge! Thanks Dan.


His Humour

Does God have a sense of humour?

Does he see me when I jest?

Will He forgive my silly antics,

Before I’m laid to rest?


I have to think he does,

When I look around the earth.

There are so many lovely things,

That do embody mirth.


The Platypus and Pangolin,

Just to a name a few.

Are oddities of nature,

And not the only two.


Strange things that we see,

Are by His Holy hand.

They have a place within this globe,

Things that He has planned.


All the world is wonderful,

And we are here to see.

Miracles that surround us,

Are there to make us free.






The image of the pangolin is from the They are critically endangered. It would be a travesty to lose such a magnificent creature.




What a silly little word. It almost catches in the back of your throat. Odd. One vowel, two consonants. And yet it is a word that has so many uses, some good, some bad. It is one’s perception that dictates how this word is understood.  Odd, strange, abnormal, unusual, peculiar, funny, idiosyncratic, individual… It is a very long list.

There were an odd number of pieces. The weather is odd these days. That person speaks with an odd accent.  I have been feeling odd lately. I had an odd dream last night. The word has so many meanings and each of those meanings can have different connotations. I’m feeling odd. That could be a bad thing as: I don’t feel well at all or it could be a great thing as: I’m feeling on top of the world and that’s so unusual!

I like things that are a little off the norm.  A little unusual. When I was a child, I used to look up into the sky at night and paint a picture of what my mind saw.  Years later I learned about astronomy and the collection of stars that formed an image. I learned about the stories behind the stars and I was fascinated. So many people look up at the stars and see just stars. Those who study astronomy see something different.

I think those with open minds see so much more. They don’t see odd; they see unusual and fascinating. They see possibilities and opportunities. Labels are restrictive and limiting.  If we judge based on labels, we may miss the underlying truth of the individual.  Labels have a place in identifying but they are only a tool. Used properly ‘odd’ can be fascinating and incredible.

The world is full of creatures and plants that are considered oddities. They don’t fit the norm. Take a look at the platypus. I think it’s quite an adorable looking creature but it is odd.  It is a mammal that has a beak like a duck, a body like an otter, webbed feet, lays eggs and the males have ankle spurs that are venomous. Then there are plants that eat meat. It only seems fair since plants have been eaten by animals from the beginning.  Pitcher plants regularly eat insects but they have been known to digest the occasional rat or shew.  Does anybody remember Day of the Triffids!? Human eating plants take over the world. Yum. Now that was odd and not in a good way.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. One person’s odd is another person’s inspiration. Being odd it’s simply being yourself, an individual. I have been called odd and I liked it. It means I’m not like everybody else and that makes me special. Just like you.