Wild Life

A Polar bear was napping,

Upon a sea of ice.

I wonder if he was dreaming?

Of lunch to be precise.


I saw a hedgehog running,

He was in such a rush.

Perhaps he had a meeting,

With his latest crush.


A fox was sitting in the dark,

Her eyes so very bright,

I wonder what she was thinking,

And were her kits alright?


Butterflies are everywhere,

Flitting amongst the trees.

I wonder if they are happy,

As they surf a morning breeze.


Animals are all around us,

They live where we can’t see.

But every now and then they show,

Their lives to you and me.


Birds are high up in the sky,

Squirrels atop the trees.

Rabbits run within the grass,

And don’t forget the bees!


Can we know what they are thinking,

As we share our world with them?

Can we even guess their needs,

Or do we just condemn?


We share our world with others,

So different from who we are.

But kindness should be a way of life,

Then love would not be far.




27 thoughts on “Wild Life

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Pam I was outside on my front porch at 6:45 this a.m. and a red fox went by with a rabbit hanging down on both sides of it’s mouth. I felt very sad about this, then I came in and read to-days post. Realized that the fox was probably taking it to feed its kit’s…..Again, you seem to post so much that help’s me. Sharon

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    1. quiall Post author

      I am touched Sharon that I can help in anyway. I have never seen what you just did. And yes it is sad but it also is the circle of life. We are surrounded by such beauty, such honesty and we are blessed to witness it.

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  2. Murphy's Law

    I just love this Pam. We moved here in 1992, and our yard has been home to dozens of baby bunnies, born in my flower garden. Watching them play together never gets old. Our dog Murphy, doesn’t bother them when she’s outside. She loves watching them too!

    Amazing how we humans can get along so well with animals, domestic and wild, but do so poorly with human relationships. Probably the easiest thing we can do is Be Kind to others, yet we act like it’s an impossible mountain to climb. Sigh…….

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    1. quiall Post author

      Yes I sigh too. Such an incredibly simple act that could change the world immeasurably. And yet people won’t be kind. I’m a little jealous of your backyard! What joy you must find there.



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