There is a question that I ponder,

More than one I think,

Has our species reached the end?

Are we on the brink?


There is so much that’s wrong right now,

So many are without,

Can we not reach out a hand?

We can, I have no doubt.


All it takes is one to choose,

To reach out to another.

And if the trend repeats itself,

That hand could be my brother.


Family need not be just blood,

We all belong together.

We just need to have the will,

This storm then we can weather.


Tomorrow is still a great unknown,

The stories not yet penned.

Every word we choose today,

Could save us from the end.





27 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. Murphy's Law

    Pam, you are 100% correct. So many people are waiting for someone else to start the ball rolling and they’ll see how that goes before they decide to join in.

    We can’t wait around any longer hoping “someone else” will fix what’s broken. We ARE the “someone else”!

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  2. Emilie

    I fear we’ve done ourselves in. Overpopulation, climate change, pollution, disappearance of species. I am always shocked these days when couples announce they’re pregnant. And more than a bit horrified.

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