Winter Hug?

This picture is from my balcony this morning at 7:45 AM. I am not amused. Is this Winter’s final hug? I am in southern Ontario, Canada. Oakville to be exact. The usual temperature here, at this time of year, is 12°C. (53° F)

  Temperature?   -6°C  (21°F)  brrrrrrr!

46 thoughts on “Winter Hug?

      1. barbtaub

        Did you miss the part where I’ve been inside my house since October? And since we’re in the hills above Florence, nobody delivers as much as a pizza here, so I’ve been doing all the cooking. Michelin Chefs would wave crucifixes and throw holy water as they run from my efforts.

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      2. quiall Post author

        I’ve been inside my apartment for over a year. Couple of visits to the hospital is the only time I’ve been out. I haven’t gone for walks because I am too high risk. Just as I was getting my shots and prepared to go out for a walk, we have a stay at home order. The variances are all over the place and our Covid numbers have skyrocketed. And I don’t have a decent view! I would love for us to meet in the Scottish highlands overlooking the Moors one day. A girl can dream… Oh yeah, I get delivery. Pizza!

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  1. Murphy's Law

    Oh Pam, say it ain’t so…that you photoshopped it. Mother Nature seems to have a serious case of PMS. Sure hope it warms up soon.

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  2. Dale

    Darlin’ Pam… we are getting the same hug… not quite as thick as yours but it’s been coming down steadily since about 8:30. Only sticking on the driest parts and that’s fine with me!
    I’m on the south shore of Montreal. I really and truly was hoping that this year would be sans snow in April!

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  3. joylennick

    So disheartening to see, Pamela! Do hope it warms up soon. Here in usually sunny Spain, the really good, normal,weather is also playing hard to get…Much cooler most days and much less sunshine. Hey ho. Wrap up and keep well. xx

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  4. iglengel

    Shall I send you some of our sunshine? At the present time it is 81 degrees F and feels like 82 degrees F. Hang in there because while we are enjoying the warm weather now – I don’t even want to think about what it is going to be in July/August if it is in the mid-eighties in the middle of April. 😦

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      1. iglengel

        We can handle the 80s too but don’t like when it goes into the 90s which it has already this year (last month – can you believe it)..Oh well, we chose to live in SUNNY Florida, so who am I to complain. Have a great rest of your day and an even better one tomorrow. 🌞🌞

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  5. Mark Lanesbury

    But she misses you already Pam, one last hug so you don’t forget those frosted breaths in the morning, smooth white scenes all around and of course those mornings where your trying to work up the courage to actually get out of the warmth of the bed 😂 🤣
    We’ve dropped below 10C overnight temperatures now with daytime over 20C still so I can’t complain. The white stuff is only ever waaaay over on the mountains mid winter which gives us a little chilly fingers for a week or so then back to ‘normal’. Mind you, sometimes I think you have to be a Yeti wandering around outside in those chilly bits 😀

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  6. Emilie

    It seemed to be a long and miserable winter here. And were still running cool though not cold. Now that we’re on the verge of a desert summer, I’m hoping the cool hangs around!

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