His Humour

Does God have a sense of humour?

Does he see me when I jest?

Will He forgive my silly antics,

Before I’m laid to rest?


I have to think he does,

When I look around the earth.

There are so many lovely things,

That do embody mirth.


The Platypus and Pangolin,

Just to a name a few.

Are oddities of nature,

And not the only two.


Strange things that we see,

Are by His Holy hand.

They have a place within this globe,

Things that He has planned.


All the world is wonderful,

And we are here to see.

Miracles that surround us,

Are there to make us free.






The image of the pangolin is from the nationalgeographic.com. They are critically endangered. It would be a travesty to lose such a magnificent creature.



34 thoughts on “His Humour

  1. Murphy's Law

    God must have a sense of humor. He made all of us!

    I never heard of a Pangolin. Thank you for featuring a photo of him. He is definitely unique and the more you look at him, the prettier he gets. Love your poem today.

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      1. John Hric

        So many answers so little time. Fortunately we infrequently need to preface this response with ‘rationally speaking’. That would would be one possible though rather improbable course of action. Others might say it would be screwing up twice.


  2. Dale

    Beautifully done, Pam.
    A friend of mine life’s in South Africa and she has been fighting for the pangolin’s survival. She brought this wonderful creature to my attention.

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  3. Mark Lanesbury

    I think these animals were to pop a few ego’s that thought they knew everything…until these critters were discovered and sat them back a bit. I’ve had the privilege of watching platypuses in the wild quite a few times as a kid but it has been many years since I saw my last, they do indeed become rarer which is a travesty 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mark Lanesbury

        That they are dear lady. We knew where a pair’s burrow was so knew we could quietly go up to the bank of the creek and keep watch for them. Didn’t see them too often so it was a pleasant surprise when they were out feeding 😀

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