A Perfect Moment

The frantic pace that life inflicts,

Surrounds us every day.

Sights and sounds bombarding,

That fills one with dismay.


Take a moment, maybe two,

And calm your weary brow.

Close your eyes and take a breath,

And I will show you how.


Steam wafts gently upwards,

Escaping  from the hollows,

Of a  perfectly made cup of tea.

A scent of spice soon follows.


Ripples brush the surface,

Your breath a tender breeze.

Hands clasp around the warmth,

And soon you feel at ease.


Let this moment heal you,

Feel peace in its embrace.

Knowing you can always find,

This perfect state of grace.



41 thoughts on “A Perfect Moment

  1. rangewriter

    I’ve thought quite a bit lately about how much I enjoyed the QUIET of this time a year ago. All that job performance and scholastic angst was buried under more serious concerns. People stayed home and looked in each other’s (or their pet’s) eyes…not always with great results, but sometimes with great new awakenings. That’s all in the rear view mirror now.

    Someday I hope someone like you will prepare a cup of tea for me done right. I’ve always thought it would be simpler to just drink hot water. lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorryless

        I used to be passionate, or more passionate about it. It HAD to be Porto Rico Coffee Company out of NYC or Intelligentsia out of Chicago. Nowadays, I’m not as ambitious with my java since I only have two cups.

        Liked by 1 person

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