The Mirror


When you look in the mirror,

What do you see,

Do you see who you are?

Or perhaps who you could be.


The reflection looking back,

Is not all that you are.

There’s so much beneath,

So much there by far!


Your soul can’t be seen.

Your courage is concealed.

Kindness and love,

Are not yet revealed.


The image reflected,

Is merely a start.

The who that’s inside,

Is the really good part.


So, remember these words,

And take them to heart.

You are who you are,

And that’s pretty damn smart!



34 thoughts on “The Mirror

  1. John Hric

    Pam – on the good days I might have my moments and be damn smart. Consistently and at no time have I even begun to approach pretty. One out of two aint bad. Your point however is a good one.

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  2. joylennick

    An ego admission by yours truly…although we have only a modest, while very comfortable, apartment, it has two bathrooms, and – depending on my morning mood….I choose one or the other for totally different reasons. The en suite one has a dear little Mock Georgian window BUT it throws a cruel light across the large mirror…(oh dear!) Whereas the ‘family’ bathroom has no outside window and the artificial light removes ten years from me at a strokel.Trouble is I’m quite a truthful person so the subterfuge is pointless! Hey ho… Tee hee.

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