Monthly Archives: June 2021

The Unknown Song


There is a song within my heart,

A hymn with many verses.

It is a song I do not know,

but one for sure I will.


The composition is one of praise,

It’s melody so sublime.

It tells of miracles He performs,

And we become the witness.


Each of us has a part to play,

A role with His direction.

Only we can sing His praise,

So, all the world will know.


Miracles are all around us,

Each one with His hand.

So, the tune that we will sing,

Is forever being written.


The song within my heart is His,

It is written just for me.

Each of us has their very own,

Blessed by his own hand.


Deep within I feel the beat,

The rhythm keeping time.

Perhaps one day I’ll know the words,

And sing His praise out loud.



In the Background

When I was a youth my father took me driving. He used to quiz me as I was behind the wheel (terrified that I would do something wrong because of course my father was in the passenger seat)! He would ask me the colour of the car behind me and I had to answer without looking. What were the colours of the cars on either side of me, how many people were in the cars? He taught me that it is in the background, the places we don’t usually look, where there is a true value to be aware of.

I have known many police officers in my life, professionally and personally. No, I am not a criminal! And one thing I learned about them very early on is it is that they are always aware of what’s going on around them. Their eyes are almost on a swivel, constantly moving. I felt safe in their presence, gun notwithstanding. And I learned to do it too.

I may not be able to tell you what people are wearing around me within 10 feet nowadays but there was a time when I could. And I would do it unconsciously. Many, many years ago I was at a mall and was leaving with my purchases. At the time there was a serial molester about and young women were being warned to take care. I carried my keys in my fist and I put my head on a swivel. It was a bright beautiful Saturday afternoon and as I stepped off the curb, I noticed a young man do exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. He glanced at me and then turned away but he continued to move in the same direction I was. My heart was in my throat but I continued on to my car and quickly got inside. No hesitation. I glanced over and yes, he was looking at me and then turned on his heel and went back into the mall. This was in the days before cell phones so when I got home, I called the police and gave them a detailed description of the man. Was he the molester? I have no idea. But the man they arrested a few days later resembled the one I saw.

Being aware is not just a safety thing. When I watch TV, I always take the time to see what’s going on in the background and sometimes it explains the foreground. It’s almost as if we are programmed to see only what is in front of us. We have peripheral vision and it is quite acute if we would just pay attention.  Perhaps that is the key: we need to pay attention…

The Symphony of the Storm


I hear a whistling in the trees,

As the branches begin to sway.

As if it were a gentle dance,

The music far away.


Rain begins to pelt the window,

An accompaniment to the trees.

It’s such a gentle, soothing sound,

It puts my mind at ease.


Cymbal’s crash! A crack of light!

The thunder of the drums!

The maelstrom lasts mere seconds!

But fear what next becomes!


And then for just a moment,

The wind decides to pause.

Forbidding clouds begin to part,

A gentle light gives cause.


Breathe a sigh, it’s over now,

The symphony of the storm.

Witness to the grandeur,

When nature does perform.