The Bells are Tolling

I heard the bells start tolling,

They’re calling me to pray.

I hid my head and wept,

I knew not what to say.


I lived my life for pleasure.

I never gave a thought,

Others may have needed me,

But I assisted naught.


Now my head is heavy,

My final rest is near.

Will I be remembered?

As one who was not dear?


I close my eyes and sigh,

I do not know my path.

Death is oh so final,

And I fear the coming wrath.


I hear the bells keep tolling!

The sound has somehow changed.

Peace is all around me now,

Perhaps I’m not estranged.


Please dear Lord forgive me!

I know that I was wrong.

I wish to be beside you,

I wish to hear your song.


“You have been forgiven,

But you must play your part.

Others need to hear my words

Which you must now impart.”


“Once again you’ll live a life

Just as I foretold

Follow now a brand-new path

And miracles you’ll behold!”



The image is from the Internet I just don’t remember from where.

16 thoughts on “The Bells are Tolling

  1. K.L. Hale

    Pam, you’re such a gifted writer. This is absolutely amazing and heart-stirring. The questions, answers, and deep longings for that perfect place of peace ~and hearing the bells. Beautiful! 🎶 💛🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dale

    A beautiful poem, Pam. It makes me thing of non-believers who, when faced with the end, decide that maybe, just maybe, they were too hasty to think such (My father was such a one.)

    Liked by 1 person


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