The Unknown Song


There is a song within my heart,

A hymn with many verses.

It is a song I do not know,

but one for sure I will.


The composition is one of praise,

It’s melody so sublime.

It tells of miracles He performs,

And we become the witness.


Each of us has a part to play,

A role with His direction.

Only we can sing His praise,

So, all the world will know.


Miracles are all around us,

Each one with His hand.

So, the tune that we will sing,

Is forever being written.


The song within my heart is His,

It is written just for me.

Each of us has their very own,

Blessed by his own hand.


Deep within I feel the beat,

The rhythm keeping time.

Perhaps one day I’ll know the words,

And sing His praise out loud.



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