24 thoughts on “Shady Quip

  1. John Hric

    deceptively simple. like the sand that attracts at the edge of the water. the question is what was asked ? could it be the attraction to news mixed with the inability to detect the slant as the story selects just some of the facts ? or is it the ability to find a cure only to almost deliver it ? or perhaps a thousand smaller things that constantly slip through our consciousness and our hands ? is that a road flare ahead in the fog ? just how did i get past ‘where did i put my keys ?’

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  2. Dale

    But ya gotta give props for the passion… I’m thinking of those who really, REALLY love to paint or whatever but frankly, will never make it to an art gallery. But they don’t care because it gives them joy to do it…
    Of course, this being a shady quip, I also totally get the other 😉

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