I Need a Break

Wildfires are burning,

There are floods and there’s drought,

The pandemic of course,

There is really no doubt.


Hatred is brewing,

Right next to our fear.

Panic is close,

To those we hold dear.


I need some whimsy,

A break from this time.

I need to laugh,

And certainly rhyme!


A silly diversion,

Is needed I think.

A troll and a dragon,

All dressed in pink?


They walk down the street,

With nary thought.

Wearing silly red hats,

That they just had bought.


With that on my mind,

And a smile on my lips,

I know all is good,

With these simple tips.


Prepare for the worst,

And rejoice with the best.

We’re in this together,

And together we’re blessed.


33 thoughts on “I Need a Break

  1. Murphy's Law

    I just love this Pam. You covered all the things that are bogging us down, but you did it with such whimsy and insight I feel so much better just having read it.

    Liked by 1 person


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