27 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. John Hric

    Sometimes the things we learn are that some other people operate on indifference, or pure outright hate, or greed, or misogamy, or racism, or other intolerances. The challenge becomes how to both teach and lead how civilized societies respond and heal these situations. Not all healing comes out of a medical facility. And there is no love or understanding pill that can be given for the cure. Indeed when there is a medical cure like a vaccine we are seeing that it still remains difficult to persuade some people that the cure is to their benefit. And that until the cure is shared and administrated to the rest of the world none of us will be safe. Perhaps we need both an advanced learning and advanced teaching institutes. Clearly learning and teaching 101 through 303 are not only required they are not enough for the current situations. And yes I did say situations. There is plenty of teaching and learning for all of us to do. Pam did you just assign homework on the weekend ? ! ? !

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    Learning something new is always exciting. Teaching another person something worthwhile is priceless! It’s a fantastic joint adventure either way,



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