The Waterfall


Trickling water,

Starts deep underground,

Destination unknown,

Its future unsound.


Gathering strength,

With each mile it traverses,

Sometimes it runs straight,

Sometimes it reverses.


But there is a need,

A desire to be free.

To reach for the sun,

And to bubble with glee.


Tenacious and driven,

It now is a stream,

The focus is forward,

It’s living  the dream.


With nary a thought,

It bursts free of its chains,

The waterfall cascades,

All over the plains.


As you look on with wonder,

At the beauty you see,

Think of the journey,

It took to be free.


Do you have the strength,

To make the hard choice?

Do you have the courage,

To speak with your voice?


Remember the water,

And the journey it chose.

You do have the strength,

So let’s see where it goes!

37 thoughts on “The Waterfall

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    It is always beautiful to be in and around. I find it very grounding as my 60% of water joins with its body, as we do when we hug another. Great poem Pam, both our journey’s seem to be full of surprises, maybe that’s why we need the grounding. Thank you for sharing your flow 😀

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    Love your painting. And I love waterfalls! Truly amazing products of nature. I never gave any thought to how the waterfall got there. The years, centuries, it took to get from a trickle down a crevice to a no holds barred awesome waterfall. And the trail from start to finish would be quite a thing to trace. Very inspiring poem Pam. Bravo!

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