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The Most Wonderful Year Of My Life

Never before did I have the time,

To notice the beauty in front of me.

There’s a tang in the air that I never smelled before,

I think there is much I have missed.


I notice the air and the sunsets that fall,

I notice the rain on the window.

I see a smile on the face of a stranger,

I noticed the scowls as well.


The skin of my lover is fresher than dew,

It feels like satin or silk.

I hear sweet songs in the voice of the birds,

And the heady aroma of life.


But I spent my time in dogged pursuit,

Of that life that I seem to have missed.

So now is the time to do all that I can,

To live in the here and now.


The world is in focus with a brightness this day,

Why did I not see it before?

Now I will live each day as my last,

Knowing that soon it will be.


This is a blast from my past. September 2015 to be exact. There are too many posts rolling around in my head and none have yet coalesced, so I thought I would treat you to an old one. If you have read it before, I hope you are not offended, if it is new, I hope you enjoy it.


I don’t recall the number of times I have been told to ‘take it easy’ or ‘know your limitations’. These are words spoken by people who care for me and for my welfare. I don’t explain to them that limits are restrictive and negative. Yes, it is important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and to take them into account when you are doing anything. However. Isn’t there always a ‘however’? However, I believe that if we put too much emphasis on our limitations, we will indeed live down to them. If we are merely aware of them and occasionally ‘push the envelope’ then we stand a much better chance of living a full and productive life. There are those near me (not too near) who believe I should not strive as hard as I do or hope as much as I do because I am setting myself up for failure. I counter that if I do as they think then I am ensuring myself of a failure. I prefer to reach for the stars with my feet firmly planted on the ground. So, to speak.

Speaking of failure, why is it considered to be so bad? Every journey is a learning experience and failure is part of the path. As children we are taught to embrace our failures and to examine them. We learn from our failures. Easy successes are nice but they do not give us the knowledge to deal with the disappointments we will encounter in our lives. Failures keep us humble and allow us to fully appreciate our successes. Living is messy and painful but it is also joyous and wonderful. Just because we have a few speed bumps in the way is no reason to turn back. Life is forward and waiting for us. Let’s give it a shot.


The Shadow Man

He walks the streets at dusk and dawn,

Some fear his wicked shadow.

But I know the truth behind the man,

I know from whence he comes.


His fingers long and tenuous,

Search upon the ground.

What they seek I do not know,

But me they will not find!


I do not fear the Shadow Man,

I do not fear his glare.

But tales are told from long ago,

Of those the man has touched.


There is no proof of what I say,

No witnesses left alive.

But no one draws the Shadow’s gaze,

Just in case it’s true.


Look carefully at his image,

And you will see the truth.

Shadow Man was created,

In the recesses of my mind.




This image was kindly donated by Dan over at I did modify the picture to reflect the image in my mind. And my apologies to Maddie. She didn’t make the cut.