Keep Me Posted

Lord keep us posted,

On the plan that you had.

I know you are brilliant,

But things have gone bad.


There are locusts and fires,

And floods and a plague.

Forgive me dear Lord,

Your details are vague.


I pray and I praise,

I know others do too.

These are desperate times

What more can we do?


We must come together,

Perhaps when we’re one.

Our path will be clear,

And this evil be done.


Forgive me dear Lord,

For questioning your way.

In panic I drifted,

But I knew you would stay.


Your word will be done,

Our lesson was learned.

Our future is forward,

Our sanity returned.


22 thoughts on “Keep Me Posted

  1. Murphy’s Law

    As always, you get right to the heart of the matter in such a beautiful way. This is a perfect daily prayer for anyone. Thank you for sharing it with us because we always benefit from your words.

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  2. Dan Antion

    I love this, Pam. I trust that the Lord knows what He’s doing, but I keep reminding myself that he gave us free will – I’m not sure we’ve done so well with that. He has given us direction. I think those who follow that plan will do fine. We need to trust Him and question ourselves.

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  3. John Hric

    Pam that is a powerful prayer/poem. Our collective sanity returned ? That is some heavy lifting of the soul muscle. On the same level as Patton’s chaplin’s war weather prayer. A spiritual pelaton if you will. And i dare say you have the will… er prayer.

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  4. Mark Lanesbury

    Dan’s words are true, we need to question ourselves. To be God’s love would be to return to any field of war with help. Be it to repair, rebuild, renew…be they hearts or land. A man will defend if pushed in what he believes, but when can a man attack when he is being shown love. It is only our fears that block this, and it is only by fear it is not returned. Forgiveness in both directions will break a deadlock that has held many in death instead of life. Many would scream at this comment because of its pain, but it is that very pain that holds us in it. A step, a courageous step, to go beyond or forever be held by its blindfold, never to be free of its tentacles and finally find something in ourselves we have ever searched for ❤️ 🙏🏽

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  5. bikerchick57

    Pam, this is wonderful and speaks so clearly to how the world feels to me today. I also like your last line because, too often, we point the finger at other people and things rather than our own failings or ill thoughts. For there to be good and unity among humanity, our faith has to keep us moving forward with the humble Jesus who loves us all.

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  6. dweezer19

    If humans would stop long enough to be silent and listen, the answers are within. They always have been. God made a home within creation, but we have been terrible hosts of late. Little gratitude, appreciation or responsibility makes for a very tumble down life. 😞

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