23 thoughts on “Shady Quip

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Excellent quip! Additionally, owning a car doesn’t mean you know how to drive! I know this because I’ve been on the road with many of you. Frightening!

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  2. iglengel

    In addition to what you said, you know what the definition of an expert is:
    X= 0 or Nothing
    Spurt = a drip under pressure
    Walla – an expert is …are you ready for this:
    A drip under pressure that knows nothing.
    Have a great day and stay well. 😁

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  3. John Hric

    Carpe diem is seize the day. Nothing there about opening one’s mouth and broadcasting unsolicited opinions. or ruining the day for someone else. I wonder what the latin translation is of ‘pipedown and move along?’

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