The Shadow Man

He walks the streets at dusk and dawn,

Some fear his wicked shadow.

But I know the truth behind the man,

I know from whence he comes.


His fingers long and tenuous,

Search upon the ground.

What they seek I do not know,

But me they will not find!


I do not fear the Shadow Man,

I do not fear his glare.

But tales are told from long ago,

Of those the man has touched.


There is no proof of what I say,

No witnesses left alive.

But no one draws the Shadow’s gaze,

Just in case it’s true.


Look carefully at his image,

And you will see the truth.

Shadow Man was created,

In the recesses of my mind.




This image was kindly donated by Dan over at I did modify the picture to reflect the image in my mind. And my apologies to Maddie. She didn’t make the cut.


24 thoughts on “The Shadow Man

  1. Murphy’s Law

    “In the recesses of my mind”….and what a mind it is! If you check out Dan’s post today, you’ll see the Shadow Man is still prowling the streets. Good thing Maddie tags along to keep him in check!

    This is terrific Pam. I swear, you could create a poem or story out of anything. Your creativity is endless.

    Liked by 2 people

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