16 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Like Dan, I wear mine proudly and often. It’s sometimes an uphill battle to get a smile out of someone else, but I also find it’s sometimes an uphill battle for me to smile at others because I just “ain’t feeling it”! But I plaster that smile on my face (still under a mask) and before I know it the smile isn’t plastered….it’s natural, as it should be.

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  2. Dale

    When we graduated from high school, we were given a certificate for something that we were known for or characterized us. I was sure I’d get for my athletic abilities. Nope. I got it for my “engaging smile” – of all the awards and ribbons I won over the years (for my athletic abiilty 😉 ) this is the one I cherish the most…

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