The Train Whistle


In the distance I heard a train,

It’s woeful whistle blew.

It travels far upon its track,

And then the silence grew.


Where ever was it headed,

Along its static track?

To see sights and sounds of wonder,

And then it would be back.


Filled with mystic marvels,

And stories yet to tell.

I will sit and ponder,

And wonder where to dwell.


A mournful whistle beckons,

Calling me to ride.

Perhaps in time I’ll take a seat,

And there I will abide.



26 thoughts on “The Train Whistle

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Well written Pam, those train rides of yesteryear always bring back a smile 😀
    But don’t get on our trains dear lady, one got derailed here today. A gentleman decided to steal one of those racing go-carts so drove down the railway track to the back premises of the race track. Just didn’t check what time the train schedule was and so his car was obliterated by the impact that also derailed the train. No one died thankfully but that has to be the oddest derailment I’ve ever heard 😱 😀

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      1. Mark Lanesbury

        I was privileged as a child to live next to the railway lines and would con the train drivers to give me a ride as they shunted to load up or get more coal or water. I’m afraid these new fangled high speed electric or diesels just don’t have that charm at all dear lady 😀

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    A poem for Dan! I’m not a fan of whistles, yet I love to hear a train whistle. You described it perfectly. It’s sad, that’s a sound we rarely hear any more.

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  3. Darlene

    I love this. As a child growing up on the Canadian prairies, we lived right by a railway track. I often wished I could be on the train travelling to exciting places. The poem brought back good memories.

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  4. Dale

    I used to live right next to a train track. They stopped blowing the whistle when they put up the fence (as a way to get them to stop). Sad day for me. Mind you, not so cool to listen to when it’s 3 am. Mind you, they were not allowed to blow as they rode through in the middle of the night so it rarely happened.
    Lovely nostalgia in this one, Pam.

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  5. rangewriter

    Lovely, Pam. I was recently startled when someone disparaged train whistles. I’ve always enjoyed them, for all the reasons you so eloquently articulate. BTW, love the illustration. Did you do that too, you mega-talent?

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