The witching night,

Will soon be here,

When the wise ones,

Know to fear.


The moon is full,

And the spirits walk,

Doing mischief,

They will not balk.


Near at hand,

Too close to breathe,

Evil spirits,

Begin to seethe.


Stay inside,

Your doors locked tight.

Draperies drawn,

Against the night.


Just in time,

The dawn will rise,

And all is safe,

Before our eyes.


But please remember,

In one year’s time,

On the witching night,

The ghosts will rhyme



The photograph of the moon that I used was with the permission of Dale over at She has quite an interesting blog if you want to check it out. I would recommend it. The witch just popped on by.


41 thoughts on “Beware

      1. Murphy’s Law

        You clever girl! Is there no end to your imagination? I would’ve been standing there with my crayons in my hand thinking, “Too bad there isn’t a witch flying across the moon”! Duh.

        Liked by 1 person

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