Monthly Archives: October 2021

The Train Whistle


In the distance I heard a train,

It’s woeful whistle blew.

It travels far upon its track,

And then the silence grew.


Where ever was it headed,

Along its static track?

To see sights and sounds of wonder,

And then it would be back.


Filled with mystic marvels,

And stories yet to tell.

I will sit and ponder,

And wonder where to dwell.


A mournful whistle beckons,

Calling me to ride.

Perhaps in time I’ll take a seat,

And there I will abide.



Culture of Ignorance

We live in a culture that does not want to know. We want food to arrive on our tables and programs to arrive in our TV but we don’t want to know how. Why? Because it’s not always pleasant to hear about how the animals are slaughtered or what it truly takes to put on a TV show. We talk about wanting to know the truth but quite frankly, as was once said by Jack Nicholson: We can’t handle the truth! OK that’s not exactly what he said but you get the jest.

We would much rather be entertained by our news than informed. If we are informed then we need to take action and let’s face it we are also a lazy culture. But that’s only part of the world. So much of the world is struggling while we sit back and watch our comedies. I am guilty of this. I find I watch the news less and less because it is depressing and I feel helpless. I want things to get better for everyone and yet I don’t know what I can do. I don’t have an amount of money that I can throw at the issues to correct them and I don’t have any skill set that can make changes. All I can do is offer moral support and when you are hungry from lack of food that’s not good enough. So, I support what agencies I can and hope for the best.

But there is an even more pervasive and destructive ignorance that is far too common:  manners. When I was growing up, I spoke to everyone with respect or I would deal with my parents at home. Not a pleasant thought. I said please and thank you, I said excuse me and when I did something wrong, I owned up to it and I apologized. Does anyone else find these common courtesies are happening less and less?

And I don’t blame the youth for this. I find a lot of them are trying to live up to the standards that we had when we were their age. That’s a good thing. I find older people are becoming less tolerant and more angry. Yes, we have gone through a horrible pandemic, we still are. Nerves are frayed and tempers are short. But isn’t this the time when we need to come together? When we need to stop and think. We’re doing OK. We will make it through this but only together. We need each other. As much as hermits hate the idea of camaraderie and I do hate crowds, we need each other. And that is not a bad thing.

The Broken Tail Light

A car was right in front of me,

With a tail light that was broken.

I wondered what had happened,

And if it could be spoken.


Had it happened recently?

Or some time ago?

Had it been on purpose?

Or did one really know?


I know it’s just a silly thought,

That’s running through my mind.

But have you ever wondered,

When something’s not defined?


Could it be a metaphor,

For life’s uncertain ways?

Or was it just an accident,

Or some new childhood craze?


The light began to blink,

And the car then pulled away.

All my wondering now must end,

But they’ll start again one day.