The Lighthouse

A distant light does beckon,

The sailors see the glow.

It offers them safe passage,

From the dangers down below,


Rocks and life abound,

Just beneath the waves.

Danger there except for,

Those the lighthouse saves.


Fog and seas are treacherous,

For those who pass this way.

Sailors know the dangers,

That they face there every day.


Dead men walk the rocky coast,

Victims of the squalls.

They were not the lucky ones,

They did not hear the calls.


A mournful sound reverberates,

The song the Lighthouse sings.

Always there for those who listen,

And the safety that it brings.


Violent beauty does crash ashore,

When the storm is at its height.

But sailors do not fear,

When safety shines so bright


22 thoughts on “The Lighthouse

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Love your painting! There is something so special about lighthouses…..those beacons in the dark. They are fierce and yet they’re charming. I never met a lighthouse I didn’t like!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karla

    What beautiful words and painting. You’re so gifted, Pam. I’m fascinated with lighthouses -and the movies and books I have read about the keepers make me understand their solitude and work.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. quiall Post author

        Thanks. Yes I just finished a series of three for my front hall. Now thinking of another series of three. Should get started in the next few days.


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