32 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Except when it is discovering my WordPress email address has just been hijacked (got in through my contact page because I hadn’t secured it properly with a proper ‘captcha’ or something), and flooded 100,000 emails into the ether’s and buried me in ‘return to senders’. The host provider shut me down and blocked me and in the middle of it my computer decides to lose the plot and go down too. I wonder if there’s a ‘message’ in their somewhere lol 😂 🤣

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      1. Mark Lanesbury

        Oh but the excitement of it all Pam 😀…as I find my host has shut down bits everywhere and each time I go to do something nothing happens or a nice error message saying ‘come back tomorrow’. Ah, the times are a testing, are they not! 😂 🤣

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