A Poem

I need to write a poem,

Where oh where to start?

Should it be of love,

Or perhaps a tasty tart?


I know what you are thinking,

I know it in my heart.

You think I’m talking pastries,

Or perhaps she’s à la cart!


If I have words I need to say,

It’s here I will impart.

But today I fear is different,

My words are not that smart.


My mind is on vacation,

I swear it did depart!

The vacancy that it left,

Is filled by one upstart!


I pray it won’t be long,

With this counterpart.

In just a day or two,

I’ll simply hit restart!

40 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. Murphy’s Law

    This is hysterical Pam! I think it would be grand to have a restart button. Unfortunately, I’d wear mine out on day one! Lol! This made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

    Love your painting!

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