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Just Beneath

Snow lay heavy on the ground,

The night was dark and still

Figures moved in the dim moon light,

As if by someone’s will.


The children slept in innocence,

The adults stirred with worry.

A world unkind and confusing,

The future oh so blurry.


But deep inside there is a core,

A strength perhaps unknown.

Children rarely understand,

And grown-ups must be shown.


We have the power deep inside,

To choose the path that’s right.

All it takes is to believe,

And be prepared to fight.


We need not battle one another,

But ignorance must be routed.

Hatred also must be crushed

And all of those who doubted.


Snow lays deep upon the ground,

Yet it cannot stop our will.

If we stand with one another,

Peace will find us still.







The Last Christmas Gift

Elsie looked around the room. There was carnage everywhere. A tornado passing through would have left less damage. Bodies were strewn throughout the mayhem. She chuckled. Just another Christmas morning with children.

One of the bodies stirred. A little fist came up from beneath the wrapping paper it had been curled under. A pile of boxes sneezed. Another child was stirring. Elsie thought perhaps there were a few more to come. But she knew the fresh smell of coffee would probably wake all the adults up. Sure enough, the love of her life wandered into the room, his hands wrapped around a hot steamy mug. With no hesitation he handed it to Elsie and returned from whence he came to get another.

A few more adults showed up with coffee at hand and a tray of hot chocolate for the children. It was Christmas morning. It was after the frenzy of opening gifts. After breakfast. Everyone had been up so early for the main event that the naps became inevitable. The children slept curled around their newfound bounty while the adults found more comfortable settings. Elsie didn’t need a nap. She wanted to watch her charges. There is nothing more spiritual then the breath of a sleeping child, safe and secure in her surroundings.

There was a different feeling in the room as everyone gathered once again. They all knew what was coming. Except for one. Malcolm was new to the group, to the family. He was still getting used to the Western dynamic. He had been born into soul crushing poverty in another country. His family had been killed in a local war that no one understood.  He was alone. But he had been found by people who cared and so began his journey to this moment.

“Malcolm,” send Elsie, “There is one more Christmas gift for the family. That includes you. But you don’t know the history so I’m going to tell you how this all started.”

Malcolm set up straighter, he was interested to know how things worked here and he was curious about his new family. So, he listened very carefully.

Elsie continued: “When my Great, Great, Great Grandfather came to this country he was very poor. But his parents believed they could find a better life, a better future in the New World. They risked everything. The first few years were hard but they were a hard-working family. That first Christmas looked like it was going to be pretty bleak. There was barely enough money for food let alone presents. But there was a wise patriarch and he refused to be sad. He said the goose had wandered across the street and died. His beloved wife said nothing as she picked the buck shot out of the breast of their Christmas goose.

They said grace and gave thanks for their bounty. The light was dim and the curtains were thin but they knew that others were worse off so they gave thanks. And that’s when my ancestor brought out the Last Christmas Gift.”

Elsie sat back in her chair and smiled.  She looked at the faces around her beaming with anticipation. She loved this part of Christmas.

“Ever since then we have honoured the tradition that was started so many years ago.”

As if by magic a small beautifully wrapped package appeared in her lap. There were many ooohs and aaaahs from her audience. And not just the children!

With studied patience Elsie peeled back the wrapping paper. And then with a flick of her wrist a small wooden carving appeared in the palm of her hand. It was a little drummer boy.

Elsie smiled. “Would anyone like to tell me what gift this is?”

Malcolm looked confused. He didn’t know the story of the Little Drummer Boy. And then something miraculous happened. A little tow-hair girl stood up and walked to Malcolm. She wrapped her little arms around him and said:

“His gift is to us all. He was a little drummer boy who had no presents to give the newborn King, Jesus Christ so he played his drum. He gave all he had in his heart and it was the most precious gift of all. That’s what we all need to do. And it will be precious.”


The end





Christmas 2021


Best wishes to all as we once more look forward to gathering to celebrate the season. Things may not be as stringent as last year but we are still dealing with issues that are disrupting our world. Wearing a mask, social distancing and vaccinations have become prevalent in our conversations. But we are starting to hug and touch and to gather.  We are starting to find a new normal.  And we will, in time.

To each season there is a reason and at this time we celebrate each other. We also look back on what has been and hopefully it is with pride that we have overcome difficulties with honour and with dignity. And as we move forward it is ever thus. I for one am holding onto the hope of better days and joyful times. I am an unrepentant optimist. Besides, I look much better when I smile then when I frown!

You all have lives that are rich and worthwhile. I know this because I call you friends. And I only ever pick the best friends! But not every day is a good day. I have had some issues this past year but they were simply bumps in the journey that is my life.  I will never give in to negativity. There’s too much beauty in the world.

All the days to come will be wondrous if we believe.