28 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Granted, sometimes ‘new’ is better, but you can’t beat “tried and true”. Those old slippers that look like hell but they are soooo comfortable. That recliner that has seen better days and doesn’t match the other furniture, but now is shaped to your body like it was custom made for you.

    I think most of us like to hang on to those things that are familiar and comfortable. I agree with you Pam, new isn’t necessarily better. It’s just different!

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  2. Dale

    Oh hell no. It is not a categorical yes or no. Sometimes new can be better, but, let’s face it, it often it is not… Take the Block version of WordPress. A new that is total shit for most people. A big fat No to the New. 😉

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  3. K.L. Hale

    Good one, Pam. New doesn’t always mean better. There’s something about my “new” house that is not as solid as the one I lived in years ago. They did a great job on a flip of this house built in ’60. However, my 100 year old farm house seemed to have better bones at times. Cars, appliances, etc…new technology…new, new, new,…don’t get me wrong. I like new at times. But definitely not in a pair of velour sweats that I refuse to retire and a list of other things!

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  4. Sorryless

    I agree, Pam. New is just different, and while there is nothing wrong with it, there is also the context I can summon when looking at the differences between life as we know it now and life as I knew it then. Take phones, for instance. I remember our trusty old rotary phone . . a dismal green colored paperweight that followed us through half a dozen moves without ever missing a beat. It was only when the ‘new’ technology of cordless phones came along that mom traded in our rotary . . and from there we went through phones like water. Nowadays, most people are trading in their new phones every year.

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