Dusk to Dawn

A single line is breaking,

Across horizons far.

I know the world is changing,

But here is where you are.


Here a stand is taken,

A choice that I must render.

Do I turn my head away?

And really just surrender?


Or do I face the coming trials?

And battle to the end?

Evil I can overcome,

And then I will ascend!


Choices made, I take a breath,

Nagging sleep departed,

I throw the covers to the wind,

And say this day has started!

27 thoughts on “Dusk to Dawn

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Good one Pam! Bring it on! We’ll face what today brings to the best of our ability. If it turns out not to be such a great day, there’s always tomorrow to look forward to!

    Liked by 1 person


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