Lost and Found

A stranger made me laugh today

As he sent me on my way

I’m not sure the directions right

But he made my day more bright


I never know which way to go

I’m sad to say it’s always so

Strangers often now are asked

A vital job to which they’re tasked


So down the stairs he said to me

And soon you’ll see a pretty tree

Next go two blocks and then two more

And just in front will be your door


A lovely man and dressed so nice

I now can say I did look twice

And on the door I stand beside

Are the words I’ll now provide


“You were lost but now are found

Another’s words turned you around

Never fear the journey taken

If left behind you are forsaken!”

26 thoughts on “Lost and Found

      1. Murphy’s Law

        Yes, much better to catch Serendipity than Covid! Lol!

        BTW, I love your painting. The more I look at it the more creatures I find! And all these creatures are around a dark moon that has two very short, skinny legs with the feet turned in.

        Clever, clever poem.

        Liked by 2 people

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