A Cuppa

What do I see before me,

With its golden amber hue?

Will it cure the world of hate,

Or is it just my brew?


Does it make me calmer,

Ease my furrowed brow?

I know I’m looking forward

To tasting this right now.


I wrap my hands around the cup,

A gentle heat enfolds me.

It travels all throughout my soul,

The perfect place to be.


A soothing liquid skims my tongue,

And slides its journey down.

Pooling, splashing all together,

The jewel within my crown.


I breathe a sigh contented,

The way to start this day.

When everything is positive,

And now I get to play!


46 thoughts on “A Cuppa

  1. Murphy’s Law

    I’m enjoying my cup of tea right now Pam, in a clear glass mug similar to the one you show. On these bitter cold days, I love to hold the mug with both hands and feel the warmth from the outside in, and then take a sip and feel the warmth from the inside out.

    Great start to any day. My grandma swore that a good cup of tea can cure anything. I haven’t found that to be 100% true, but it comes darn close!

    Hope your day started off great and continues in that direction all day!

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