Where Do You Go?

When the world is too much,

And the news is all bad,

When your tea has gone cold,

And your landlord is mad?


The sun has been absent,

For days and for days,

The TV is broken,

And your mind’s in a haze?


Where do you go,

When you’re looking for peace?

What do you do,

To make it all cease?


Can you go there,

Any time that you want?

Is dressing required,

Or is it more nonchalant?


There’s a place that I go,

Oh, so deep in my mind.

Just behind consciousness,

There’s peace I will find.


I would ask you to join me,

In this place that I know.

But the room is quite small,

And the pace very slow.


Could we not be neighbours?

Friends just the same?

We could share a sweet cuppa,

And our peace be reclaimed.




38 thoughts on “Where Do You Go?

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Welcome to my neighborhood Pam! That’s the amazing thing about the blogging community…..the friendships we form, the neighbors we become despite the miles between us. The teapot is always on for you and my door is unlocked. That invitation is extended to all your followers whose comments I love to read. I feel like I know them too!

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  2. John Hric

    I think it is a secret library meeting and reading room where all the best tomes are kept. And another set of shelves is dedicated to comforting beverages. Please grab a comfy chair and join us.

    Liked by 1 person


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