31 thoughts on “Daily Quip

      1. joylennick

        How interesting! ‘Im indoors and I lived near Lake Ontario for a short time in 1957. It was the time of the Suez Crisis and he couldn’t work properly as a salesman in the UK because of the petrol shortage. “Let’s emigrate to Canada!’ he said, and – despite doubts on my part – we did, and loved it! We lived on Sunny Side for a while, I found a post as junior secretary for a Count de Salis of Canadian Reinsurance in Toronto, hubby became a driving instructor; we travelled a lot and had many adventures. We moved four times in eighteen months as we had some very ‘odd,’ quirky landladies. One was German and another Lithuanian. I later wrote about them…Despite meeting and befriending some great people, we became homesick and returned to the UK, where we had our three sons. Slightly disillusioned with the UK, we tried returning to Canada at a later date, but they had stricter immigration rules then. We did manage a wonderful holiday in Vancouver and visited the lovely Island though. Thanks for the memories… Cheers. x

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  1. Murphy’s Law

    You have shared so much of yourself through your words here Pam, it would be impossible not to trust and love you. This is my home away from home.

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  2. Dale

    Yes! And when we share our truth, we gather those of similar spirit. The blogosphere is fabulous for that, don`t you think? There are people who know more about me here than in real life.

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