The Fog

Like a velvet glove

Soothing the harshness,

A soft and gentle touch

Silently rolling forward.


It touches nothing

But caresses everything,

A life of its own

A duty to perform.


Like a fervent admirer

It covers its lover,

Pressing home the advantage

Nothing is forgotten.


To some it signifies evil

To others anonymity,

People tend to whisper its name

And watch it inherit the world.


Sailors fear it passing by

Lovers salute its silence,

The wonder of the city

The passage of the fog.




Once again, my Dynamic Duo have presented me with a photograph that I could not leave alone. This poem was written almost 10 years ago but it popped into my mind immediately when I saw this photograph. Thank you to Dan and Maddie had

37 thoughts on “The Fog

  1. John Hric

    Yes velvet. We got to drive through some velvet fog last weekend. Actually velvet fog with an added bonus of heavy flurries. It made for a double whammy bonus white out. Fortunately everyone slowed down just enough. The good news is there was a library used book sale at the end of it. And a small get together. And a Jane Goodall book to read. Velvet. Cheers young lady.

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    You have described fog magnificently my friend! Glad you recalled this poem because it’s the perfect marriage with Dan’s picture. We’ve had several days of being caressed by velvet fog.

    Dan and Maddie may be the Dynamic Duo, but add you to the mix and it becomes the Talented Trio!

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  3. Dale

    Oh, I so love this, Pam! “caresses everything…” yes! I love the mystery of a fog (okay, not so much when I have to drive in it on an unfamiliar road, but the rest of the time…)

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