When I was a child, my parents made coffee with a percolator. Water would bubble up and mix with coffee grounds.  In time the combination was ready to drink. I often think of my mind as a percolator. I see words, images or feel things and whatever that small minutia is, it percolates through the miasma that is my mind and low and behold a thought takes form. If I’m lucky that form will become an idea and continue to grow and to develop into something tangible. Sometimes it dies on the vine but the essence of what it was remains to call to me with something else further down the line. Welcome to my world.

With everything that is happening on this planet I think there’s a great deal of percolating going on. Things seem to bubble like a volcano and eventually they erupt. There’s such violence in the world and it always seems to happen in a split second and then I can’t help wondering if the reason, the source of the issue has been percolating below the surface until it explodes. And then we have violence and anger and pain.

Why can’t love, kindness and compassion be what is bubbling beneath the surface?  I know they are there. I know they exist. We see examples of it every single day and yet nobody wants to talk about it. It should be blaring from the headlines “GOOD PEOPLE CARE!”  We have so many mental health issues where people are suffering. Would they suffer any less if they knew how much people cared? I’ve never made any bones about the fact that I am quite naïve. I want to believe in the good, I do believe in the good. But some days it is really difficult.

More and more I am seeing that on social media people are recognizing what needs to be done and stepping up to the plate. People are sharing the goodness that happens around them. I know that it helps me. It tells me not to despair of the human condition. But there are days…

But today is not one of them. It is pouring rain outside; it is cold and gray. But there is sunshine in my world because of the blogs that give me such comfort. I would name them but I follow quite a few.  They make me laugh and they make me cry in all the best ways.  I guess today I just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful people I read. I am so pleased I have met you. Be well, be safe, be happy. And I’ll see you tomorrow…


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42 thoughts on “Percolating

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Those bad bits have great purpose kind lady, they are showing us what we don’t want to be so that we turn to the good. And then truly appreciate what we have because we have experienced and understood them both. It’s like if I give you $500 dollars a week for nothing you will spend it haphazardly on anything. But if you have to work for that $500 you will hesitate, consider its worth and merit before spending it. Our journey must test our worth in all we do so that we will appreciate the beauty of unconditional love when it is touched ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    Just color me naïve and be done with it! I’m well aware of all the kinds of violence there is in this world, but, like you, I cling to the hope that the goodness and kindness and decency in people will keep gaining over the bad. Sadly, some days that’s a difficult stance to maintain, but so far, so good.

    I believe that if there weren’t considerably more good in this world than bad, society would have exterminated itself long ago.

    I loved those percolators! I would swish the soap in the dishpan into a thick lather, turn the basket upside down and plunge it into the soapy water and was thrilled watching the soap suds shoot out of the stem up to the ceiling. My parents, however, were far from thrilled! And no, I wasn’t old enough to drink coffee yet!🤗 Hmmmm, maybe that’s why my halo is so tarnished! 🤪

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    1. quiall Post author

      I love your kind of tarnish! I don’t see naivety as a negative I see it as a way to keep from being jaded. You are my kind of gal!


  3. K.L. Hale

    Pam, I understand. You so beautifully shared the thoughts many of us have. I still have my percolator. And years of one being on a campfire melt my heart. You’re such a delight to read and know. You write from your heart and I appreciate your perceptions and thoughts on life! Yes, let’s bring the good news on! Blessings!! 💛❤️♥️

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  4. joylennick

    More gracias are winging their way to thank you for your positive stance and inspiring words, Pam. I’m painted with the same naive brush, thankfully, although it’s harder to apply it at present. But ‘onwards and upwards’ is a persuasive mantra! xx

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  5. rangewriter

    I love your optimism. But it is hard to keep that going when things keep going south. I love finding your quips in my feed because they really do brighten the day for me. You are doing your part to make the world better. Every drop has a ripple. Thank you for your ripples.

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  6. Dale

    My grandmother had that percolator (and we had one for camping, too) – it makes the best coffee because you have to wait for it. Anything that you can anticipate in such a manner is a good thing. Like you! You are definitely a “good thing” Pam. You bring sunshine to all of us. And you’re right, it does feel like social media is actually working on sharing more good lately. I think we all need it.

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