I dreamt about underwear . . .

I originally wrote this in April 2017. Since I didn’t have a post ready for this Sunday, I thought I would regale you with an old one. It made me chuckle…

Say what? Now if I were wealthy, I would be considered eccentric, but no I’m just odd.  It is, however, the kind of odd that amuses me so I will continue with my . . . . oddities.

Articles of clothing are not my usual topic for dreamland but I’m presently in the market for a few new necessities of comfort. Now that is a topic I am most familiar with: comfort. You ladies understand and gentlemen . . . think of women’s intimates not just as pretty packages for really cool prizes but as a metaphor for a good society.  Now aren’t you glad you continued to read?

You thought I was going to go smutty and I segued into a societal discourse on the human condition.  Welcome to my twisted mind. As I see it a woman’s intimates provide a foundation on which to build a carapace within which one interacts with society.

What we show to each other is not necessarily who we are. Each article of clothing is combined to elicit a mood, a look, a means to complete a necessary task.  A night out at the pub – perhaps a thong.  A doctor’s appointment – full brief. Court case – flaming red hipsters.  It’s all about how it makes us feel.

As a society we hide our feelings and allow only what is acceptable to show on a daily basis. Love, hate, anger, envy . . . the list is exhaustive. In order for society to function properly, people need to conform to expected doctrine. But that doesn’t mean an individual has to completely suppress their personal individuality, but rather adapt to meet the circumstances of the moment.

I know this seems complicated and unnecessary but it all comes down to foundation. If a house is built with the proper foundation it can last for 100 years. If a society has a proper foundation on which to build, it will remain stable instead of fracturing at the first sign of trouble. Countries with a strong foundation can weather horrible troubles and still maintain its identity.

Perhaps now you understand why sleeping isn’t always a restful activity for me. But my dreams are never dull!


27 thoughts on “I dreamt about underwear . . .

  1. joylennick

    Thanks, Pam. That made me giggle. I immediately thought of Les Dawson dressed up as a woman, and doubtless just hiding pink, elasticated bloomers… Age needs comfort, and while I have not succumbed to the said ‘passion killers…’ I have found a suitable substitute for the thong! My lips are sealed. xx

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    Hahaha! Talk about getting your panties in a twist! Everything needs a good foundation. ‘Victoria’ can keep her secrets, common sense dictates comfort and what suits your needs. I’m so glad we’re long past pantaloons and chastity belts! Our underwear probably says more about us than our outerwear!

    Girlfriend, you certainly have some interesting dreams! Lol!

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    1. Murphy’s Law

      Maybe that’s the problem in Washington, everyone’s underwear is in a twist so they can’t get a good foundation on anything!🤗

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  3. Mark Lanesbury

    Haha Pam, here I was thinking that I had enough trouble trying to see and heal people who wear false masks to project who they are…now you want me to decipher them through what ‘bloomers’ (as Joy said above 😀), they wear 😂 And actually, now that I think about it, it probably would give a good indication as you said of how they are really feeling 🤣

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