An Original Thought


I had one today,

I’m sure it was true.

I thought of a thing,

I swear it was new.


But wait there’s another,

Who thought of it first.

I can’t catch a break,

I think I am cursed.


I just want a single,

Never once pondered.

A thought all my own,

Not to be squandered.


Billions of people,

All stuck on a ball.

Milling together,

I’m feeling so small.


But you are original,

And I am as well.

And all of the billions,

Our ranks they do swell.


So original thought.

Is really quite rare,

But that doesn’t mean.

The attempt shouldn’t dare,


Give it a try,

Using your brain.

And maybe one day,

A new thought you will gain!

25 thoughts on “An Original Thought

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Love this! It’s hard to imagine why some people never have an original thought!

    But you, my friend, are most definitely an original! Thoughts and all!🤗 Hope you always stay this way.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. rangewriter

    There are many previously expressed thoughts floating around out there, but I haven’t run across them all yet and many of yours are original, so keep tossing them out to us! You never know when we might be newbies to the idea.

    Liked by 2 people


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