30 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Well Pam, you are asking them to emotionally agree they are at fault and need to admit this, confirm that dastardly negative action verbally and within the coming reform bow down and grovel in an entirely new way that in itself needs to be acknowledged and given the ok by the offended, usually by giving another round of verbal guilt for their actions until it is deemed enough by said offended 😂 🤣

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  2. Garfield Hug

    Aaah this word can never be uttered by my useless siblings who think they have a divine right to treat me like a maid, disregard elderly parents’ needs and opines I need to pay them to appear before our parents! 🙄

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  3. Darlene

    I’m Canadian and we say I’m sorry to the mosquito we just slapped to death. Sometimes I think we say it so much that it loses its impact. But I have no trouble saying I’m sorry, and meaning it. (even to the poor defenceless bug) I do however have trouble with people who don’t return the sentiment.

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  4. K.L. Hale

    I see this too, Pam. I’m guilty of over-apologizing, which is selfish a bit,…perhaps it came from always thinking it was my “fault”. I have empathy and apathy. Apologies keep us humbled together. I miss you and was so happy to read your quip. I pray all is well dear friend! 💛💪🏻

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