A Drink To Health

Writing is a medicine,

A soothing balm at least.

Drawing out the words,

For the tasting of a feast.


Bit by bit the flavours stop,

And touch upon the tongue.

Experiences to be savoured,

Their praises to be sung.


A drink to health,

A toast to words.

That race across the page,

And flit away like birds.


There is no greater gift,

That one can give a man.

A word, a phrase, a sentence,

And the world is in his hand.

34 thoughts on “A Drink To Health

  1. Murphy’s Law

    You, dear friend, use your gift well! And we all get to benefit from it too! I admire your gift of prose and poetry and your generosity of sharing it with us.

    Love your painting!

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  2. joylennick

    I loved that poem, Pam! Not connected, but have you ever read Bill Bryson’s books? I suspect, like me, you have a huge curiosity about most aspects of life (?) and BB ‘s tomes are immediate seducers…One of our sons (who sells books for a living) has just given us two: Bill Bryson at Home and One Summer America 1927. We have already read a few others. He’s an American who moved to live in England. Do read, if you haven’t already. Take care. x

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