27 thoughts on “Shady Quip

  1. joylennick

    It depends on the personalities of each person, don’t you think? I’m quite tolerant and easy going, while fairly perceptive, so don’t like overtly pompous/sarcastic ‘know-it-alls’, while I take to friendly/humorous types, accepting that some folk are shy. xx

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    1. quiall Post author

      I do agree. Although I find it hard sometimes when people expect me to always be upbeat and happy. I’m not always. Some people find that difficult. I know I do.


  2. Murphy’s Law

    It’s hard living up to our own expectations sometimes! 🤗 With the expectations of others, I think we’re afraid of disappointing them. I know I am.

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  3. Mark Lanesbury

    When you see and understand your fears…all expectations go out the door…you see that those expectations are actually built by those fears. Our fears are built on those doubts of ourselves, and is the way we look at us and others…and the builders of those expectations because of it. Understand them and they lose their power over us, and we will let them go. Understand anything, and it will no longer worry us…and let them go 😀❤️🙏🏽

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