19 thoughts on “September 11, 2001

  1. Murphy’s Law

    “We will never forget”…four words that speak volumes.

    My heart still goes out to all those innocent souls who lost their lives that dreadful day, and to their families and other loved ones who still mourn their loss.

    May history never repeat itself. 🇺🇸

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  2. John Hric

    I shall always remember September 11. The attack, the pain, the destruction. The damage to thousands of peoples lives. The Hero’s who died fighting that attack. A terrible terrible event that continues to cause suffering for those who lost loved ones and is still continuing to claim victims from the 9/11 workers who inhaled the dust and toxins from the attack site. Yet the words ‘Never Forget’ trigger reflections on this and other wars and disasters… Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, the American Civil war, Covid 19, and January 6th 2021. There is more, the attack on women’s rights here in the States and in Afghanistan, the attack on voter’s rights, the on going violence against black lives reflected in Black Lives Matter, the war in the Ukraine, the detention and violence against the Uyghurs, the escalating claims to deny Taiwanese sovereignty, the list does not stop.
    Yet in many of these attacks and disasters the words ‘Never Forget’ are left unspoken. Particularly in the case of Covid 19 and January 6, 2021 denial has replaced ‘Never Forget.’ This denial spills over into the other attacks and disasters too. Half the population of the US claims Covid is no worse than the Flu even though it has taken a bigger death toll here than in many other countries. It has completely disrupted our lives for going on three years and claimed a million lives. And now as we come out it we are just beginning to see the affects it has on children. So to be honest ‘coming out of it’ may not at all be the right words to use. And again there is the denial that children are not affected by Covid.
    The same denial exists for January 6th 2021. Half the population denies that it was insurrection and a direct attack on the Constitution and democracy. For that half of the population life is normal and the words ‘Never Forget’ do not exist.
    So as I reflect on ‘Never Forget’ I wonder is our society bi-polar when it comes to these tragedies ? Or am I living a life much like the fantasy excuse me reality where the Hobbits could not convince the Ents that they were of this world and that the harm had indeed come to them too… ?

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    1. quiall Post author

      We are inundated with so much horror in our world right now and in the past but the other thing we must never forget are the good people who stood forward. The people on those flights that gave their lives to protect the people on the ground, the people in the capital building who stood their ground to protect those within, those who risked themselves and their families to fight for justice. There is so much good in the world, we must never forget that either.

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