30 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Absolutely true! Unfortunately, many of us react poorly and make a real mess of things. But we could try a new tact….like pulling together and finding new ways to deal with situations!

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      1. K.L. Hale

        Thank you, Ginger 💕 how kind. I have first day over. My Mom and I were shocked to go to my celiac injection appt after radiation to find out it was only a consult and it had to be set up as outpatient. The dr will do numbing of epigastric nerves as an endoscopic procedure. I don’t think one of my oncologists understood it completely , lol. It’s all good! I’ll do that on Oct. 4th. I’ll have outpatient internal radiation on Thursday, Sept. 29th. I’m glad to keep all of these appts straight! I hope I do anyway! Thank you for your support and thoughts my friend. 💕

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  2. John Hric

    A rather simple statement and at the same time a rather profound one. Especially as one observes those reactions at different levels ranging from personal, social, geographical, technological, and political levels. And remaining cognizant of the operative word ‘control’ the evaluation would be mostly poorly. How old is the Great and failed Wall of China ? Something like 2,241 years old. Yet what are we in the States trying to build physically ? A wall to keep refugees out. And history is littered with other walls all failed. Hadrian’s wall, the Berlin wall, the Maginot Line, and all of the walled city defenses. And then there are all of the current autocracies and racist groups trying to keep refugees and ‘others’ out. Control ? Yes poorly. Unless the United Nations manages to pull a rabbit out of its hat.

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