36 thoughts on “Shady Quip

    1. Murphy’s Law

      Who are you kidding Mark? You would NEVER let your chocolate supply run out! Unless it meant sending some of your supply to Pam and me…because you have such a big heart. 🥰 And still you would save some of your stash!

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      1. Mark Lanesbury

        Doomsday indeed Pam. Almost, but not quite, as bad as hearing the chocolate factory burnt down. I can see it now, supplies dwindling, chocolate $600 an ounce, fighting in the streets over a mere Ferrero Rocher 🤣

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  1. iglengel

    Here’s a question to ponder over: Just what is meant when someone says, “the end is near”? The end of that delicious ice cream sundae we are eating. The end of the day. The end of the road. The end of the aluminum foil on the roll.

    I consider that phrase something I look forward to when I sort of over planned some activity (like this morning – cleaning up after Hurricane Ian passed through our community) and am glad to see the end in sight.

    To each their own. That is my take on the subject. What is my reasoning – well – I will soon turn 82 and to be perfectly frank with you, I’m not particularly crazy about hearing that phrase in any context.

    Y’all have a good day now ya hear. And my thoughts and prayers are going out to all those that suffered through Hurricane Ian and suffered some type of loss.

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