Give Me Strength


Lord give me strength,

Don’t leave me alone!

I’m waiting for signs,

I’m right by the phone!


I think I am good,

I do as I’m told.

That bit with the baker,

Just means I’m not old.


I know what you think,

I should not have said.

But seriously Lord,

I just wanted bread!


Not one of the 10,

Have I seriously broken.

But in moments of stress,

Number three have I spoken.


One is intact and 5 is a given,

I try number 4 each Sunday I do!

But sleep is the devil,

If only you knew.


My Lord is my Saviour,

He waits by my side.

When shopping for shoes,

I swear He does hide!


Each morning and night,

I kneel down in prayer.

I say all the words,

You taught me to share.


But now is the time,

Dear Lord that I ask.

Forgiveness in truth,

For a despicable task.


My last nerve did he break,

And I killed without thought.

That mosquito is dead,

Your words I forgot.


Stop laughing Dear Lord,

There’s a mess on my floor!

Your mask it is slipping

And I think that you swore!



18 thoughts on “Give Me Strength

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Oh no Pam, poor little thing. Just because you have an impeccable wine for blood, she could taste you from a mile away I bet. You shall just have to make up for it by saying ‘give me strength, give me strength’, 10,000 times 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Murphy’s Law

    Hysterical! And if God wears pants, he peed them! I thought I felt the house shake earlier. I think it was God and His angels and St. Peter laughing like lunatics and stomping their feet!

    Mosquitoes beware!

    Liked by 1 person


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