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A Curious Child

A child once sat at her mother’s knee,

And asked that tales be told.

Of God and Jesus and Angels true,

A world she could behold.


A tender age, a tender mind,

She loved the tales of God.

A gentle Father to us all,

A Son who once was flawed.


The tales she heard so long ago,

They stayed within her heart.

And formed the woman she became,

I think she’s pretty smart.


The mother passed on to her rest,

The child grew up to be.

For you know, so long ago,

That curious child was me.






What is it that makes me, well, me? What is it that makes you, you? We all have a built-in identity based on how we look, how we speak, how we act. I am a Canadian. I was born in Canada X number of years ago. You really didn’t think I was gonna tell you my age? Silly you! But as such, I am perceived by others to have certain… traits. It is expected that I will be polite. Always saying “I am sorry” and “eh” are common phrases that are attributed to a Canadians.  They are attributed because they are often said. (Most of us try to get away from the “eh” because it is, well, irritating.) Assuming we are polite is not a bad quality to have.

Canada is the second largest country geographically and yet our population puts us at the 40th. Big country, few people. I think that goes a long way into determining our character. We have a great sense of humour and love to laugh at ourselves. We have more lakes than in the rest of the world combined and we make a great friend. We are loyal and tenacious. But we’re not perfect. We will be the first to admit that. I like being Canadian. I like the fact that the rest of the world likes me because I am Canadian. But I am sure there are those out there who do not. And I’m OK with that.

But there is so much more to one’s character then where you were born. We develop as we evolve as people. I was lucky to have had an idyllic childhood, a carefree youth and, so far, a useful adulthood. I have had adventures and friendships, sorrows and ecstasies. All of these have helped form my character. And it is still forming. With luck, it will be until the day I die. And I have no plans for that anytime soon! I’m just sayin . . .

Perhaps the most important component to one’s character is time. Time allows us to grow, to experience to become the person we are meant to be. It is sad when some are not given the time to become more. With time we can learn, we can touch, taste, hear, see, hypothesize. What we do with those experiences that we have gained over time is what will define our character.

And the final piece to the jigsaw puzzle that is us is, us. We choose. We can choose to let the good and the bad define us or we can make that choice ourselves. That perhaps is the strongest aspect of our identity.

Give Me Strength


Lord give me strength,

Don’t leave me alone!

I’m waiting for signs,

I’m right by the phone!


I think I am good,

I do as I’m told.

That bit with the baker,

Just means I’m not old.


I know what you think,

I should not have said.

But seriously Lord,

I just wanted bread!


Not one of the 10,

Have I seriously broken.

But in moments of stress,

Number three have I spoken.


One is intact and 5 is a given,

I try number 4 each Sunday I do!

But sleep is the devil,

If only you knew.


My Lord is my Saviour,

He waits by my side.

When shopping for shoes,

I swear He does hide!


Each morning and night,

I kneel down in prayer.

I say all the words,

You taught me to share.


But now is the time,

Dear Lord that I ask.

Forgiveness in truth,

For a despicable task.


My last nerve did he break,

And I killed without thought.

That mosquito is dead,

Your words I forgot.


Stop laughing Dear Lord,

There’s a mess on my floor!

Your mask it is slipping

And I think that you swore!