A Word of Difference

Not a word is spoken,

An idea given voice,

That there is not someone,

Who does not understand.


Do not leave them out,

Alone there in the cold,

Beckon with a word,

Other than the first.


Patience is a virtue,

And we all need some time,

To understand each other,

And make our meanings clear.


Our differences and our fears,

Are barriers to the truth,

But that which makes us different,

Also makes us strong.

26 thoughts on “A Word of Difference

  1. Murphy’s Law

    “But that which makes us different,

    Also makes us strong.”

    Now that says it all! Well said Pam. It’s such a simple concept… why can’t we humans grasp hold of it?

    Love your painting!

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      1. John Hric

        Too many liars and deniers. It is not healthy for the truth. And then there is Vance saying women should stay in violent marriages. Perhaps the one instance I lean in the direction of ‘stand your ground’. Perhaps being the operative word. Violence is never the good answer.

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