Angst is the Word

The notes I had made,

They seem to have fled.

I’m left at a loss,

And filled now with dread.


Once every week,

Was the goal I had set.

It worked for a while,

And then came a threat.


The words I had written,

Got lost in the mess.

My home is in flux,

And I’m full of stress.


When order once more,

Is the word of the day.

And writing is easier,

I’ll then have my way.


Forgive me my rant,

I just needed to vent.

I’m feeling much better,

My angst has been spent.

24 thoughts on “Angst is the Word

  1. Sorryless

    There is nothing more therapeutic than a good healthy rant, and the written rants are best of all because the cops aren’t called out by a nosy neighbor! And when you rant, poetry happens so there is that.

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  2. Mark Lanesbury

    I have a lovely friend who rings occasionally and goes through a proverbial vent and at the end she says ‘thanks for the bitch and a Bex (a Bex is a headache powder)’, is happy that she has been able to bounce off me a few things and feels great. I think your lovely ‘vent’ has achieved it’s purpose well Pam…thank you for loving us by feeling safe to express that love. And a great poem dear lady 🤣❤️

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