39 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Another good reason to hold on to our inner child…not just for the silliness, but for all those invaluable lessons we learned on our way to adulthood.

    In the war effort of sharing, I really excelled at sharing all the vegetables I hated with our two dogs under the table! I know. I know. But I shared, right?

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  2. Mark Lanesbury

    Yes, they sparkle with life dear lady. Sometimes we just need to get mud on us…and laugh a while. I finished a take away coffee at the beach the other day and was pointing at something up high…and that last trickle of coffee found its way all over the front of my shirt, looked like I had bathed in it….I laughed, there was nothing else I could do, so I just laughed. It felt so good 🤣

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    1. Mark Lanesbury

      Interesting as we get ‘old’ Karla (like anything over 40 🤣), we start to let go our stuff to at least see those important parts of us. Big hugs my friend, I hope you are going well…and lost much ‘stuff’ 😀❤️🙏🏽

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      1. K.L. Hale

        Absolutely, Mark! I’ve lost it all …bankruptcy, divorce, health, career,…it was in losing it all that I found what mattered most! I’m sending big hugs, friend. Things are challenging, pain is increasing, blood not cooperating,…I had some tough decisions…BUT I’m living hour by hour and soaking in the goodness I get. Happy Thanksgiving! Stay blessed! 💛💖🙏🏻🥰

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      2. Mark Lanesbury

        Isn’t it amazing, spending our lives trying to reach some place they call happiness, only to find in losing it all, it is waiting there inside. Beautiful hugs very appreciated young lady and returned in kind. You are speaking to your heart with so much happening, it must be so difficult climbing such a ladder with one arm and a leg tied behind your back…but your doing it with that incredible thing called love, found such a courage in that belief of all you’ve found within you. I bow to a master, I hope I can be even half of your courage after what you have faced. Big hugs Karla, and a big heap of energy coming your way. And one of my head de-stresses, a gentle massage of the scalp. We hold everything in our scalp so a head scrunch is worth its weight in gold. Walking with you dear lady 😀❤️🙏🏽

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