24 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Excellent quip my friend! Very wise words we should all pay attention to. Instead of fearing what we don’t know, we would be wise to research all we can learn about it. Poof! Fear gone!

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  2. dweezer19

    Although I believe it to be life’s ultimate struggle, the perfect place is knowing no fear. Awareness, preparedness, discernment and acceptance all serve one well. Fear is the true debilitator, the antithesis to our greatest power which is love. From spiders to nuclear war to household dust, there is no end to what triggers fear in humans.

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  3. rangewriter

    This seems so completely appropriate to this time where everyone seems to be trying to head toward safety without really examining what safety is. With your permission, I may use this as my email signature for a while. Attributed, of course!

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