25 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Murphy’s Law

    You are so right Pam. With all our high tech technology, with all the genius minds in our world, we still continue to wreak havoc with Mother Nature….and then whine when she brings her wrath down on us. And her wrath is one to be reckoned with. You would think we would have learned by now!

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      1. Jeff Lee Byrem

        I don’t know if it’s possible to effectively post a URL on comments, but the following is to “A Barbaric Yawp,” which is how I have dealt with the human delusion that we are masters of the Universe:

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  2. John Hric

    We are definitely slow learners and quite stubborn when it comes to giving up our carbon based machines and ways. So much so that we refuse to accept the difference between climate change and weather. We still keep saying ” you cannot do anything about the weather ” when in fact we have disrupted the climate so much it is changing the weather. The old adage of April showers bring may flowers is no longer true. Depending where you live the showers are liable to com the months before or after April but not during April. April is often very dry and in reverse May and June so wet that it becomes a very muddy contest for farmers to get their crops planted.

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