19 thoughts on “Daily Quip

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Lol! You must’ve experienced a lot of boredom Pam, because “Mischief” could be your middle name! You’ve certainly learned how to fill up your time with writing stories and poems, painting, sketching and thinking. Your mind is always churning. I don’t think you could get bored now if you tried. And we all benefit from that!

    If I feel bored, I just go back and read one of your posts. Boredom gone!!

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  2. John Hric

    17.3% of the time. The rest of the time “some of the most creative ideas evolve out of boredom.” I know this because I read it on a famous blog somewhere. Strangely enough the other 25.832% of the time the status quoers react with phobia to creative ideas and begin to chant “lions, and tigers, and bears Oh My !” So strangely enough the content status quoers are just as mischievous as those practicing boredom. All of whom are preyed upon mercilessly by the self help e-book industry. Yes once again we have trouble, I say trouble in River city. 17.3% of the time that is…

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  3. Mark Lanesbury

    Mischief, trouble, bad boy? I dear lady, have not been in trouble for many, many years. I found the meaning of life, food for the soul and even sing like a nightingale.
    Oh wait, just let me turn that recording off. Ahem…now…I’m a good boy…………..hahahahahaha 🤣
    No, even I couldn’t hold a straight face after that 😂

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      1. Mark Lanesbury

        Haha, that is so good Pam, I love it. I might make a banner and stick it on my balcony out the front, see if it will bring a smile and laugh like you just gave me. Thank you, I got tears in my eyes after that, worth every second, thank you! 🤣❤️🙏🏽

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